Incident Details

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2020-09-09 02:45:00 CEST


2020-09-09 07:40:00 CEST

Current Status


Services Impacted

- Core Network (fra1)


We have received complains about flawed connectivity from DTAG (Deutsche Telekom AG) clients. As we do not see connectivity issues inside our network we have deactivated our peering to DTAG in order to reroute the traffic.

We are in contact with DTAG to resolve this.


2020-09-09 09:55:30 CEST

After stopping import and export of DTAG routes the issue did resolve at around 07:40 CEST. We still communicate with DTAG about the cause and try to resolve the situation.

2020-09-09 07:40:00 CEST

We have received additional information from DTAG regarding their maintenance. During the maintenance several BGP sessions have been migrated to another router. Due to the migration IP addresses have changed and needed to be adjusted on our site.
This information regarding mandatory IP changes have not been shared by DTAG with us prior to the maintenance. It was shared with us once we reported the service disruption. Furthermore DTAG apparently failed to inactivate the old IPv4 BGP session. Even though they still sent us a full internet routing table they started to reject traffic from us to several locations. This led to packet loss for several clients.

Now, that we have gotten all necessary information from DTAG we have enabled the sessions to DTAG once again for IPv4 and IPv6. In- and Outbound traffic levels look good. We see this situation as resolved for now.

A detailed report about this incident will be shared with you soon.

2020-09-09 02:30:00 CEST