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ID Service Name Group Description Checked
3452 Core Network (fra1) Infrastructure DE-FRA1
3453 Power Supply (fra1) Infrastructure DE-FRA1
3456 Backup Managed Services
3457 DDoS Protection (fra1) Infrastructure DE-FRA1
3458 Storage Services / Ceph Managed Services
3459 VMware vSphere Managed Services
3460 vCloud Managed Services
3461 Customer Panel (fra1) Support Services Customer Panel at
3462 Phone Support Support Services
3463 Ticket Support (fra1) Support Services Ticket System at
3646 Monitoring Support Services
3682 Core Network (vie1) Infrastructure AT-VIE1
3683 Power Supply (vie1) Infrastructure AT-VIE1
3684 Core Network (dro1) Infrastructure NL-DRO1
3685 Power Supply (dro1) Infrastructure NL-DRO1
3686 Anti-Spam Mail Gateway Managed Services
5603 Core Network (fra4) Infrastructure DE-FRA4
5604 DDoS Protection (fra4) Infrastructure DE-FRA4
5605 Power Supply (fra4) Infrastructure DE-FRA4
5606 Customer Panel (fra4) Support Services Customer Panel at